Episode 1: Red Hills brewing company

Red Hills Brewing Company in Homewood, AL with Eric and Joe, the brewmaster and founder respectively.

Website:  redhillsbrew.com

Instagram: @redhillsbrewingco

Facebook: Red Hills Brewing Company

Yellowhammer Header.jpg

Episode 2: yellowhammer brewing

Yellowhammer Brewing in Huntsville, AL with Don and Ethan, two of the founders.

Website: yellowhammerbrewery.com

Instagram: @yellowhammer_brewing

Facebook: Yellowhammer Brewing

Pink Boots Society

Straight to Ale Banner.jpg

episode 3: straight to ale

Straight to Ale in Hunstville, AL with Dan and Matt, founder and marketing manager.

Website: straighttoale.com

Instagram: @straighttoale

Facebook: Straight To Ale Brewing

Interstellar Banner.jpg

episode 4: interstellar ginger beer and exploration company

Interstellar Ginger Beer in Alabaster, AL with Shane, founder and brewmaster.

Website: interstellarginger.com

Instagram: @interstellargingerbeer

Facebook: Interstellar Ginger Beer and Exploration Co.

Black Warrior Banner.jpg

episode 5: Black warrior brewing company

Black Warrior Brewing in Tuscaloosa, AL with Eric, one of the founders.

Website: blackwarriorbrewing.com

Instagram: @blackwarriorbrewing

Facebook: Black Warrior Brewing Co.

Common Bond Banner.jpg

episode 6: common bond brewers

Common Bond Brewers in Montgomery, AL with Andrew, one of the founders.

Website: commonbondbrewers.com

Instagram: @commonbondbrewers

Facebook: Common Bond Brewers

Fairhope Banner.jpg

episode 3: fairhope brewing company

Fairhope Brewing in Fairhope, AL with Brian Kane, one of the founders.

Website: fairhopebrewing.com

Instagram: @fairhopebrewing

Facebook: Fairhope Brewing Company

Siluria Banner.jpg

episode 8: siluria brewing company

Siluria Brewing Co. in Alabaster, AL. We talked to co-owners Danny and Tammy Sample as well as brewmaster Tim English.

Website: siluriabrewing.com

Instagram: @siluriabrewing

Facebook: Siluria Brewing Company

Cahaba Banner.jpg

episode 9: Cahaba brewing company

Cahaba Brewing Company in Birmingham, AL with Eric Meyer, managing partner and brewmaster.

Website: cahababrewing.com

Instagram: @cahababrewing

Facebook: Cahaba Brewing Company

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Episode 10: goat island brewing company

Goat Island Brewing Co. in Cullman, AL with the entire founding crew.

Website: goatislandbrewing.com

Instagram: @goatislandbrewing

Facebook: Goat Island Brewing

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episode 11: birmingham district brewing company

Birmingham District Brewing Co (District Brews) with founder Cale and head brewer Jimmy.

Website: birminghamdistrictbrewing.com

Instagram: @districtbrews

Facebook: Birmingham District Brewing Co.

Copy of Cahaba Banner (2).jpg

episode 12: Cross Eyed Owl Brewing

Cross Eyed Owl with the founder Trey.

Website: xeobrewing.com

Instagram: @xeobrewing

Facebook: Cross Eyed Owl Brewing Co.

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episode 13: good people brewing w/ avondale brewing co.

Good People and Avondale Brewing Co.’s with the head of sales Stefano and head of brands and design Andrew

Website: goodpeoplebrewing.com // avondalebrewing.com

Instagram: @gpbrewing // @avondalebrewing

Facebook: Good People Brewing Company // Avondale Brewing Company

Slag Heap Banner.jpg

Episode 14: Slag heap brewing Co.

Slag Heap Brewing in Trussville, AL with founder and do-it-all man Joe Meadows

Website: slagheapbrewingcompany.com

Instagram: @slagheapbrewing

Facebook: Slag Heap Brewing Company