Extra Special Brews is a podcast based out of Birmingham, AL that is centered around casual conversations with brewery owners about the workings of the industry, their beers, and their stories.


Our Story

Wil and Steven met for the first time in 2013 and immediately hit it off, thanks to both of their significant others. In 2017, Steven moved to Birmingham with his wife, and after having a short but popular career as a radio personality in Hattiesburg, MS, was looking for something to do involving recording in Birmingham. Wil has lived in Birmingham since 2012, and has been immersing himself in the brewing scene there since then, including a short stint working for Red Hills Brewing in Homewood. Given the combined backgrounds of the pair, and the mutual goals to eventually open a brewery/pub, a beer centered podcast seemed inevitable.

After not as much planning as you would think, and more beer consumption than you would think, we set up the beginnings of our podcast and set out to find our first beer donors. Playing up his connections to Red Hills Brewing, Wil contacted Eric, the brewmaster, and Joe, the owner, and thus our first episode was born.

Episode 1 of Extra Special Brews was released March 27, 2018, and we haven't stopped since. We are constantly striving to reach new listeners and uncover the enigma that is the beer industry in Alabama. So, follow us and subscribe, and you might just learn something new from one of our many guests!

Everything sounds great after a few beers, and that’s how it came to be.
— Ethan Couch, Yellowhammer Brewing Co.